creative arts and design


What artworks do you offer?
Our artists have ready-made artworks available on our gallery. These artworks can be found at the “Artworks” section of our webpage. Visit our authors’ portfolios on the “Artists” section to know more about them.

Do you accept custom-made projects?
Our artists are also available for special and personalized artworks for our customers. You can indicate in our online form or tell our staff what kind of art piece you are looking for and our staff will find the right artist for you.

Who are your artists?
Our artists come from a wide array of fields. We have artists who are kids, students, professionals, and professional artists. Get to know them more at the “Artists” section of our online page.

How much does an artwork cost?
In computing the cost of an artwork, there are variables need to be considered, namely, art fee, artist’s professional fee, materials’ fee among others.

How do I get the artworks?
You can go to our office to pick it up or we can have it delivered for you. Click the “Order Now” and fill out the form provided by the online team. Our team will send you the artwork with utmost care.

What other services do you have?
We offer basic art lessons for kids and adults (beginner and advanced). Our Beginner’s Class is composed of twelve sessions while our Advanced Class is composed of fifteen sessions. These sessions can be a two-day a week or three-day a week schedule. Contact us and we will craft a schedule tailored for you.

For kids, we have an Art Summer Camp that we hold during summer. Kids from five to eight years old and kids from nine to twelve years old are qualified for this program.

These art lessons are inclusive of art materials.