Decorating Your Lives with Art Rodgers Painting

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The management and artists behind Art Rodgers Painting are deeply humbled by the support we keep on receiving from our satisfied customers. Admittedly, we have been doing okay since our first launch as a company that does commission works but the launching of our website gave you to an incredibly increased in demand. Not only our staff and our artists benefit from the generated income, but many children aspiring to be artists as well. We are happy to be a tool that changes lives for the better.

You can commission our service today to make you a custom painting that you can use as follows:

• Wall Decoration

That wall you have at home or at your business? You can significantly improve that with conceptual art. Who needs an old, boring wall when you can always have something better. It would even add to the appeal of your property as a whole. If you do not want a framed artwork, you can commission us to do a mural instead. Nothing over-the-top but something that would be eye-catching and memorable that would remain subliminally in the mind. Such would be good for stores that aim to make an impression. Why not stand out today with the help of art?

• Gift for friends or loved ones

Looking for a special gift for a birthday or an anniversary? Instead of wasting your time on raiding stores downtown for something unique, why not give your special someone a painting? You can commission us to do a portrait of your loved one. We can make landscape and cityscapes too. You can use this to remind your person one of the most memorable places in your lives. Plus, it gives the impression that the gift is well-thought of.

• Covers for Company Give Away

First impression lasts. While this is not always the case, let’s admit it. The cover always matters to the beholder. Instead of going for the usual dull, nondescript cover for the corporate planners and notebooks you giveaway on occasion, why not up your ante a bit by making it more colorful. Especially if these are giveaways to customers, you want them to be able to pick your service apart from the rest. For company’s who specialize in marketing and interior designing, this is also your chance to show your creativity and good taste.

If you are still having doubts regarding the designs, you can get inspiration from our portfolio available here on our site. We can also create a more distinct and unique design for you.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to risk your resources for something you are not sure of the outcome. For this, through our Simulator Pro App, we got from, you can take a look at the finished product. You can take a look at how it will go on your bare wall, or how it would look like if you choose to have it on your property. Definitely a win-win for all of us.

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