“Meufs de (la) cité”, popular feminism

Kamba, 16, can't believe it.In this park in the beautiful Parisian neighborhoods, not "a rebeu", not "a nigga" on the horizon."It's like a whiteboard, and us, a black spot in the middle ", answers one of her friends.Everyone prefers to laugh.They know that they are" city chicks ".That they are" intruders "in this bourgeois environment.But they are proud.camera by documentary filmmaker and feminist activist Bouchera Azzouz, they savor these moments of adolescence and experience the onset of adulthood, synonymous with escape from their city of Corbeil-Essonnes, south of Paris.

Continue the fight for freedom and equality

“Meufs de (la) cité” is the latest opus in a documentary trilogy on life in the neighborhoods through the eyes of women from immigrant backgrounds.After “Our mothers, our daronnes”, which retraced the socio-cultural battles of Maghrebian catapulted in France in the 1960s, after "We were called beurettes", which explored the trajectories of children born in France, the first post-colonial generation, Bouchera Azzouz films these granddaughters of "daronnes" and daughters of " beurettes ”who continue the fight for freedom and equality.For the director, they are all carriers of a“ popular feminism ”, a feminism which does not speak its name, pragmatic, vector of the transformation of the districts.do not shy away from the "pressure" to preserve their "reputation", dress properly, do not shout too loudly, do not "go out" with boys ...

But they reinvent themselves, circumvent the established rules and help - in their own way - to help their "brothers" so that they do not slip into delinquency.Sarah, who does boxing, says: "If people see that you You're a tomboy, nobody comes to bother you, you are quiet, it protects.” However, with friends, she lets her femininity overflow.Just like Imane, for whom the veil (she has a collection of all colors) is part of a "spirituality" that soothes.Thus they renew the imagination of a supposed and compartmentalized identity in which they were locked up and which does not correspond to them.

Posted Date: 2021-02-10

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