False paintings by old masters: the Ruffini affair, the scandal that shakes museums and private collections

Written by journalist Vincent Noce, “The Ruffini Affair” tells an incredible case of forgery in old drawings and paintings such as Venus in the Veil by Lucas Cranach the Elder, belonging to the Prince of Lichtenstein and seized during an exhibition in Aix-en-Provence four years ago.

The list of the incriminated works is impressive since it concerns dozens of paintings and drawings sold over the last twenty years, sometimes bought by museums or private collectors.No one is spared, nor the most prestigious institutions ( Louvre, Metropolitan Museum, Getty), neither auction houses, nor experts or exhibition curators.Even if it is not "the investigation into the greatest mystery of the art world" (as the subtitle) or “one of the greatest scandals that the modern art world has known” (p.25), the book is fascinating, full of details (only small error noted, The Lamentation of Bronzino is not kept at the Musée de Grenoble but at the Musée de Besançon), explaining all the legal proceedings carried out by Judge Aude Buresi, who has, for the moment, placed seven pieces in sequestration.voile de Cranach (exhibited in 2016 in Aix-en-Provence as part of an exhibition on masterpieces from the collection of the Prince of Lichtenstein), then a Saint Jerome by Parmigianino (exhibited in 2019 with the Alana collection), a Christ of Sorrows by Solario (sold to Drouot in 2009), Le Combat de Carnaval et Carême d 'a follower of Pieter Brueghel, a Saint Anthony by El Greco, a Saint Cosimo by Bronzino and a lion drawing by Schongauer.

Posted Date: 2021-03-13

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