Art Roger Paintings is an online gallery of outstanding and exceptional commissioned artworks.

Founded in 2012, we offer a wide variety of paintings to accommodate the different sorts of art pieces that our customers need. Our artists’ works fall under the techniques of abstract, surrealism, conceptual art, pop art, hyperrealism, minimalism, impressionism, and many more.

pop artWe gather different artists from the different parts of the country to assure the variety of artworks that you can choose. Our artists have won awards because of their talent. Some artists have received plaques, trophies, and monetary incentives due to the beauty of their works. Check them out on the “Artist” section of the page!

We aim to not just showcase the wonderful talent of our artists but also to help the client enjoy the pride and leisure of a high quality artwork. We strive to be the leading provider of amazing artworks in the world. We want the world to know and recognize how great the talents of our select artists are.

We also provide art classes where kids, beginners, and advanced learners can enroll. This is a twelve/fifteen art class session that will help the students explore painting. Check our FAQ page to know more about this and how to sign up.

modern art Aside from these, Art Roger Paintings, together with our partner foundations and orphanages, search for talented, artistic children who do not have the means to buy their own art materials. Another thing that we do is that we conduct art demonstrations and workshops for out-of-school youth who wants to learn more about art. Our Public Relations team carefully evaluates the status of our candidates to identify the most qualified candidates. Extending our hands to the needy is one of our ways to share and give back to the community.