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What Does Art Do To People?

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Each one of us has his own hobby, interest, or pastime. These are activities or interests that give pleasure and satisfaction during a person’s leisure time. For example some people might be engaged in mechanical work like Tucson garage door service, building new inventions, or repairing broken stuff. In addition to that, some people enjoy physical activities such as team sports or individual sports. Lastly, others may turn into creative pursuits like reading, writing, photography, fashion, music, and painting.

Some people think that you need to be equipped with proper training and education to produce a legitimate artwork. It does not work that way. Anyone of us, knowledgeable or not, is entitled to do his or her own artwork.  Art has a lot of benefits that we can enjoy. We listed some of these benefits below:

Art as an expression
Art is an effective platform for self-expression. We tend to invest our feelings and ourselves in an artwork. Art can be a medium of all the thoughts, emotions and feelings that we cannot openly voice out to the world. For some people, art can be an extension of themselves. They want art to show and illustrate who they are. For others, they want to be anonymous. They do not want to be tied up to their work. They want the art piece to speak for itself and not be viewed as something that is related to the artist. In art we can create different personas that will represent who we are.

Art as an escape
When we create art, it transfers us to a place where only an artist, the artwork, and his imagination are present. Art transports us to a place where no one can come uninvited. Doing art can help relieve all the stress and the worries that a person might have. Art can disrupt our usual stressful way of thinking. It gives us break from all the pressure and tension that we have.  It centers our mind into the art, making all the troubles go away. Some of the simple art activities that we have today are adult coloring books, bullet journaling, and modern faux calligraphy.

Art as creativity booster
Especially for young kids, art is a proven and tested way to hone creativity and imagination. Art makes us want to have an artwork which is completely unique and yours. In order to achieve this, it makes us think creatively what and what not to put on our canvass. It makes us come up with our own ideas that will make the artwork beautiful.

Art makes us human
Art brings out the humanity in us. It is what makes us human.  It takes us away from the mechanical, routine life that we are trapped in. Art invokes emotions such as empathy, love, passion, sadness, melancholy, and nostalgia. While we are in the age of technology, it is good to have something that will remind us that there is more to life than all of those machinery, equipment, and computers.

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Paintings: Different Materials for Different Types

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There are a lot of ways to produce a painting. Three different types of paints are available to use: watercolor, acrylic, and oil. These types of paints require different techniques and strategies that you need to know in order for you to become the next Vincent Van Gogh.

Watercolor is a kind of paint that is put together with water which gives its transparent finish. Artists can create and adjust their own color by diluting the paint with water. The solid type of watercolor usually comes in a plate made out of plastic. When using watercolor, artists can use a simple brush or even their fingers. A water brush is a special type of brush designed for watercolor. It is like a pen with a brush where you put water inside for the continuous water flow.

Acrylic paint is a water-soluble medium made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. One of the good things about acrylics is that it is flexible and more friendly-user than oils. Once put on canvas an acrylic paint becomes water resistant. This guarantees that the canvas will not be damaged even with rolling and storing the canvas for a long period of time. Just make sure the canvas is free of any oil to prevent cracking. Another tip: acrylic paints dry very quickly so you must pretend to be The Flash for a while.

Oil paints are the trickiest paint to use among the three. It takes much longer time to dry compared to the other paints. When using oil paints, it needs to be thinned with solvents first before using. Before trying it on your canvas, it is necessary to apply a primer to prevent the oil from slipping. Just avoid spilling oil paints everywhere because you cannot use water to clean it up.

Happy painting!